I love being outside. Sometimes I think the main reason I ride my bike or ski, or go snowboarding, or runkiing, or doing yard work – all good reasons to be outside.

But there is an added bonus while being outside. It is perfectly acceptable to listen to music during the whole activity : ) that could mean 8 hours of music!!!!

Being outside is my favorite thing- especially if it is with music!

The Summer of 2012

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I tried a bunch of new things this summer, since I couldn’t race:


Waited at the PC yurt for sunday morning coffee

G’s sermons

Group yoga

Strength training



The Gravity Dropper is a Miracle

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I am back on the bike and enjoying myself again- even on the downhill. this is great news! I owe it all do speedy downhillin’ doc friend of mine. He said light on the hands, heavy on the feet– strrretch out. It is working. Way less pressure on the wrists and hands. : )


The Wrist

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So, I had my wrist surgery on April 10th. Here is the synopsis. I fell 10 years ago and ruined a lot of the ligaments in my right wrist. After multiple casts etc… they did a scaphoidectomy and a lunate/capitate fusion.

I fell about 1.5 months ago, on my bike, and the wrist has gotten progressively worse since then.

As it turns out the screw was causing further damage to an already precarious joint.

Under general anesthesia Dr. Hutchinson of the University of Utah was able to manipulate the joint, get the screw out, and shave off areas of bone that were in the way.

And then they gave me an axillary block. They are able to inject anesthetic into and around the brachial plexus, which results in no feeling/no movement in the entire arm. Huge bonus!

So they sent me home with what looked like a 2×2 foot piece of foam swiss cheese.

Not only is there no pain, you pretty much forget you have an arm at all. The cheese reminds you! Next day, I am in a sling and splint. Making improvements everyday.

I got a call that I would start physical therapy on Friday April 14th. Loving the quick progress. I was put into the removal splint and started some light exercises (moving the fingers).

I was told not to do too much until my f/u appt. Just one week away.

I think this is all pretty manageable.

March 3, 2012

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The first icup race of the season was in St. George over the March 3, 2012 weekend. I went down with a group of people from the Revolution Bike Team. I wasn’t sure if I would race so went out on Friday and pre-rode the course. It is a fun 10 mile course in Green Valley. It was so good to see so many familiar faces and great to see so many of my friends racing. Everyone looked amazing!

I decided that I would get some good riding in and that I would try and stick to flowy trails, rather than bumpy ones.

I was able to ride for hours and hours and hours and I was able to get some fun photos.

The sun was bright, the music just keeps getting better and the trails I chose to ride were perfect. I rode for an hour on Friday, many hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday.

Riding Stucki from the top down to the bottom is pretty much one of the funnest rides I have done in a long time. It is definitely worth doing!



Love, Love, Love

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Lambert Park on Saturday Feb 25, 2012.

I had a really nice and chill ride on Saturday afternoon. I wore light thermal pants and  a warmer base layer under a jersey, and my cozy lobster gloves. The only thing cold were my toes.  The temperature was perfect  It was a bit muddy in places, but there was a lot of great riding. And I have been wearing the heart rate monitor/GPS lately. I rode 1:45 with 2300 feet of climbing an average heart rate of 137 and a max heart rate of 172.

It was so nice to be able to get out and ride. The conditions were so beautiful.

And if that wasn’t a nice enough way to spend the weekend I got to snowboard on Sunday and it was AMAZING!

I finally decided to go and get a new board. Nothing too fancy, but rocker/true twin tip. It was so much more fun than that old board!

The conditions were perfect. Apparently there was a wind storm on Saturday, which I really didn’t notice at Lambert, so the Great Western Chair at Brighton was closed all day Saturday just piling up the fresh snow for my arrival : ) At the end of the day I got my skis out for a couple of runs too.

Next on the my winter sport agenda is telemark skiing, back country skiing, and cross country skiing and skate skiing : )