Frozen Hog

February 2, 2010

Josh McCarrel and Bike Peddler pulled off a crazy winter MTB race at Lambert Park FROZEN HOG. It was suggested that I may like to ride… I volunteered. It was fun to see so many people riding (carrying their bike as they ran) through the slush and snow. This time, it was so much fun to be in the tent with the heater. There were several “Kick Butt” girls. So impressive. I love seeing girls cycle. I heard some of the riders (runners : ) )say that these slushy conditions were the hardest to ride in since they had begun racing 8 years ago.

As for me, I am snowshoeing, hiking with Zoe to see the groups of deer scattered throughout the hills, loving skiing and snowboarding (especially loving Sundance). The snow has been amazing the last few weeks. Soft, fluffy and lots!!!

Last weekend Sunny and I skied all weekend. Girls weekend. We skied the Canyons, one of my other favorites, and Sundance…soft, untouched powder. Love it!

This season I have figured out how to ride in the deeper powder.

I am a little nervous to get back on the MTB now. I see the guys who I rode with all last season and I think- they will kick my butt this Spring- How will I keep up with them. I must find some girls who cycle.

Last year (my first season) I didn’t know any better so I didn’t even worry about it. Now… we’ll see…


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